Show Pics: Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Emo’s

Plenty of shows getting thrown about these days, this was the end of a three night run. Cymbals Eat Guitars headlined with Milk Thistle and Hooray for Earth.

The nostalgic feelings grow with each show at Emo’s. I found myself taking more pics of the place for the archive. There was ice in the urinal. No pics of that. Milk Thistle shared crafted Indie-Pop, Hooray for Earth battled technical difficulties and Cymbals Eat Guitars played a perfect set.

A few more thoughts and plenty of pics after the break…

Milk Thistle was a solid opener. The new EP is worth a listen, “Goldin Theng” being the favorite track on the night. Here is a link to that track on their bandcamp page.

Big ups to Hooray for Earth. Technical difficulties for a somewhat effects driven band sucks. One of the pedals in Noel Heroux’s make shift board was shorting, bad cable maybe, causing dropped vocals. At one point, Noel yelled into the guitar’s pick up to finish out a song. It took four songs to finally get it right, but they rallied through and finished the set strong. I want to see these guys again, the live sound being much edgier and loud than the recorded material.

Cymbals Eat Guitars were just dialed in. Loved the set. I believe they have picked up the torch dropped by Modest Mouse for making solid Indie Rock with layered lofi. Loved it. “…And The Hazy Sea” was perfect.

A few more pics available over at the photo site

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