ATH Interviews: Kindest Lines

Last weekend New Orleans based band Kindest Lines made a stop into Austin at the Mohawk playing shortly after indie buzz band Toro y Moi finished up their set outside. Unfortunately the ATH crew couldn’t make it to the show, but we were fortunate enough to have Jack from the band answer a few questions shortly after their Austin stop. After the jump you can find the full interview.

ATH: So it seems like you’ve jumped from relative obscurity to being labeled a “band to watch” by several major media outlets.  To what do you owe this recent success?

Jack: Ha! I don’t know…Shear luck I guess! We’re pretty proud of the album, so we’re glad other people are enjoying it.

ATH: Are you feeling any sort of added pressure from the recent positive press?

Jack: Not really. We’re going to do whatever we feel like, no matter what.

ATH: For someone who hasn’t heard the new record “Covered in Dust”, how would you prepare someone for that listening experience?  What’s in store for a new fan?

Jack: This is what it sounds like  when three completely different personalities get in a room together and do whatever. We like to think each song is different in it’s own way from any other on the album.

ATH: You recently commented that a bass player would be added to your trio for your tour.  What’s the thought behind that?  Do you think it messes with the live dynamic at all?

Jack: Chris has  helped the live dynamic greatly, in my opinion. At least for me personally, I like having that human element of “slop” added in…I mean that as taking a “robotic” element out. It makes me more comfortable having a bass guitar to move around. Also I like having a pretty, minimal album turn ugly and heavy live!

ATH: It’s obvious that 80’s metal and new wave are big inspirations in this band.  Let’s say we’re putting together the biggest festival in 1985 and it’s up to you to fill out the bill.  Who ya got playing? Kindest Lines travels back in time and opens the festival of course.

Jack: 80’s metal? Strange, I don’t see that at all! Justin and I listened to metal when we were kids growing up. Justin’s into a lot of Italo Disco, sountrack music and psyche…we used to play together when we were kids and he’s a actually a drummer. Brittany listens to a lot of obscure newer bands and got me into the Radio Dept. recently. Whereas I’m into a lot of Post-Punk, old school Goth and Dreampop bands.

Now as far as 1985 putting a fest together? Couldn’t do it…all the bands were rivals so the lineup would be dead on arrival!

ATH: Have you guys been to Austin before?  If so, anything you have to do while here?  Any favorite hot spots?

Jack: I’ve been many times over the last ten years. This was my third band I’ve played with in Austin and it’s seriously my favorite city in the country! My best friend Rene moved here after Katrina and stayed so I try to go a couple times a year…I’m definately retiring there. Fave spots??? Ughhh wherever i end up, seriously.

ATH: Quick, you need to convince everyone to come inside and watch your show after Toro y Moi finish their set outside!  How do you pull them in?

Jack: Because we were pressed for time on tour… I’m a bastard for getting this after the show…we had a great crowd and Austin audiences never ever disappoint

Thanks again for making the time Jack.  Be sure to check out some of the sweet tunes from Kindest Lines elsewhere on the website here and also here.

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