Show Preview: Doomsday Dance Party @ Hotel Vegas (10/16)

Date 10/16/11
Location Hotel Vegas
Doors 7pm
Tickets $3 @ Door

An awesome show is going down on Sunday night at Hotel Vegas for those of you looking to close out the weekend on a high note.  The show features some ATH regular artists Paperthreat, Great Nostalgic, and Real Book Fake Book.  Also on hand are a variety of visual artists showcasing their unique talents.  That list includes Storm Foster, Ashley Carter, Aaron Whitaker, Kelly Eoff, Sam Evans, Sam Gage, Kristen Miciotto, and Bethany Dillinger.  As if that wasn’t enough to entice you, DJ Floyd Pinkerton will also be on hand providing some tasty tunes in between sets.  Should be one helluvan event.


Download: Paperthreat – Conveyer [MP3]

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