Fun Fun Fun Fest Battle: Jim Ward vs. Mind Spiders

With all the music we’ve got going on at Auditorium Shores, it’s time we look at some decisions.  Fun Fun Fun Fest is going to be a blast, but sometimes you’ll have to make up your mind who you want to see.  Here’s the first battle that I’ve come across since the schedule was released yesterday: Jim Ward vs. Mind Spiders. First, you’ve got to consider Jim Ward as one of Texas’ most important indie rockers–he’s one of the founders of At The Drive-In, not to mention one of the few who didn’t sell us out for the plastic industry of California.  He’s been in Sparta, Sleepercar, and now is recording under his own name, so you’ll know he’s got all sort of tracks to play for his fans.  Oh, and he’s by far one of the nicest dudes in the world.

On the other hand, you’ve got Mind Spiders out of Denton, Tx, so you still get to support the local scene.  They just released a self-titled record on Dirtnap Records this year, and it’s by far one of my favorite albums.  They’re high energy, and they’ve got ties to lots of other punk bands around the nation, so you’re going to be guaranteed a really good time.

Shit, it’s problems like these that make Fun x 3 awesome and annoying.  So, here’s my view on the whole thing.  Jim Ward is great, and while he’s not necessarily pummeling our ears anymore, I still would enjoy his set.  It’s a little hardcore, a little folk, and an all around good guy.  With the Mind Spiders, I’ve only seen them once, and it was fast and furious.  They’re from Texas, so I can still be all “Fuck Ya’ll I’m From Texas” about it, and keep up my cred.  I guess the photo sums up my choice; I’m going to the Mind Spiders.  I’ve seen Jim several times in ATDI, met him several times when he was in Sparta, but I also have an easy out: the Mind Spiders play at 1:30, and Jim plays at 1:40, so techinically, I could get in at least four MS songs before Ward even starts.  That’s my solution…10 minutes (four songs-maybe five) of Mind Spiders, wash it all down with Jim Ward. Problem solved!


Download: Jim Ward – Broken Songs [MP3]


Download: Mind Spiders – No Romance [MP3]

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