Show Pics: The Rapture @ La Zona Rosa

I continue to work through the backlog of show photos. It is hard to balance time behind the shutter taking them and time behind the monitor making them extra purty for you. This installment of Rocktober show pics is from The Rapture’s stop at La Zona Rosa last week.

It was an odd show for many reasons. I’ll go into that in more detail after the break, but I don’t think anyone that is a fan of The Rapture, ie everyone in attendance, left upset. So Read More to get info on their set, to learn a little about the openers Poolside and to see plenty of pics. You know you want to. Click it.

Poolside is a duo out of the City of Angels delivering self-described daytime disco. It suits. Jeffrey Paradise on keys, effects and macbook and Filip Nikolic on bass, lay down beats and dreamy funtimes. It is a soundtrack for poolside at a W Hotel. In the best way, it is syrupy. They even did a chillwave version of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”. They deliver music to counter a bad mood, unless you hate this kind of music.

The Rapture strolled up on stage to a quite a bit less than sold out crowd. Let’s face it, Wednesday night, other shows going on, perhaps a hangover from Friendly Fires the night before, plenty of excuses. BUT, everyone that was there was ready to dance. It took a while to catch the groove, front man Luke Jenner making trips after the first two songs to the sound board by the side of the stage. Song three? Luke let us know it was time to get properly started. And they did with the rock anthem “Pieces of the People We Love.” Frantic from there, “Get Myself Into It”, “The Devil”, “Killing”, “Whoo! Alright” and “House of Jealous Lovers” leveled the crowd. Unfortunately, the rest of the set tapered back down.

The start of the encore, “How Deep Is Your Love”, was epic with its sax solo in full effect. “Sail Away” let the crowd off easy. So yes, altogether it was great fun, but they need to shuffle the deck a little.

More pics available over at the photo site


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