Show Pics: Wye Oak @ The Parish

I chased Wye Oak around at SxSW only to be thwarted by flu fatigue and a late cancellation at a day party, but to get to see them play at The Parish more than makes up for it. Add to that, it was my birthday. Add to that, I get to bring my camera to share pics with you.

So off to the Parish we went, the Hall in a good mood, but a little tired from the week’s shows. Erika Wennerstrom opened with a set of stripped down Heartless Bastards tunes.

Head past the jump for plenty of pics and few show notes…

It is time for the Bastards to unleash some new tunes. Erika’s vocal was strong and the songs translated very well to two guitars and a few harmonies. “The Mountain” (sorry for this) was the peak of the performance.

Wye Oak had some of the coolest shirts I have seen. Should have bought one. Their set was free of fluff. Strong. You keep looking around the stage for an extra musician behind a green curtain that allows them such a wonderfully layered sound. Instead, Andy Stack plays drums with one hand and synth with the other, employing a few digital tricks to allow Jenn Wasner to unleash her smoky vocal and play guitar. This recipe of boy/girl duo has been a popular recipe of late; they seem to have taken the lead on my list. They are a band, brilliant stuff.

Expectedly, my favorite tracks by them, “Two Small Deaths”, “Holy Holy” and “Civilian”, were amazing. The surprise of the night was a cover of Danzig’s “Mother”. Happy Birthday to me…

More pics available over at the photo site

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