Show Pics: War on Drugs @ Emo’s

We get closer to the inevitable demise of the original Emo’s. I get closer to getting through all the photos from shows this month.

This installment features War on Drugs, with Carter Tanton and Purling Hiss opening. I have a few comments and plenty of gloriously bathed in red and yellow shots to burn into your memory. Loud show, good way to end the run I was on…

Carter Tanton is a three piece project featuring, wait for it, Carter Tanton. He is headed to Europe now. It was a subdued set to lead into the manic nature of the middle slot.

I listened to some of Purling Hiss’s available intarwebs tracks via Zune Marketplace. They just need to record their live shows. It is a fantastic blend of 70’s psych, hair metal and noise. Guitar solos that make you nod with approval, then shake with disbelief. Noodle!

War on Drugs, layered. That is the best way to describe it. They complement each other well, fun on stage for the material that is delivered. Tip toes…

More pics available over at the photo site

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