Show Preview: Modest Mouse @ Stubbs (11/8 & 11/9)

Date 11/8/11  & 11/9/11
Location Stubbs
Doors 7pm
Tickets SOLD OUT!

I hope most of you were paying attention to sites that think more in the future and saw the recent announcement about the Modest Mouse shows at Stubbs in Austin.  I say this because both the initial show and secondary show are sold out so you’ll have to try craigslist or scalpers for this one.  Both nights will have stellar opening support provided by Portland based group Talkdemonic.  Don’t forget that Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. will also be doing aftershows on the inside stage for both nights.  Get your hands on some tickets kids.


Download: Modest Mouse – Satellite Skin [MP3]

One comment

  • Kids is the exact thing to say.. this whole industry is for the kids, the ones that truly believe they are going to be the ones to shape the current or think that they have a chance in getting heard, I get it, dream a little. Please don’t confuse what I’m trying to say, but that’s exactly what they are but let’s keep in mind that every new generation has their own “screw the system” Outlook and modest mouse was theirs and thus the mass is the following. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy modest mouse and their Tuesday night show was expected and I am sure as, the much believed, great hell appreciative of their “kicking it old school” rendition of “Interstate 8” but I feel the truth of what they meant was burried in the “the great indie” appreciation that occurred a few years ago and continues to do so. Wish they would have opened or closed with “bankrupt on selling”, for some (like the 1%) money isn’t an issue. Though, I understand like all great nations economic downfall occurs and inspire innovation. To bad we have to support the rest of the world, globalist.

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