Show Review: Holy Ghost! @ The Parish (11/17)

The busy show season winds down.

Third night of the week at The Parish, Holy Ghost! for a change of pace after seeing AABondy w/Gold Leaves and Real Estate. Alex is the frontman, Nick lurks behind the drumkit. By bringing along four more, their songs come to life. These guys have opened for Chromeo, LCD Soundsystem and Cut Copy. Big shows. How did they do as a headliner? How did they handle the room?

Jessica 6 opened, Eli Escobar spun, I took pictures.

Jump past…

More bands should have DJs between sets. Instead of the disinterested masses checking their phones, there was a bit of a dance party. Eli Escobar handled the jams, his soundcloud has a few mixes and some originals.

Jessica 6 was an unknown for me. They are disco heavy and proud of it. I guess Donna Summer meets Dead or Alive? Transgender front woman Nimo Ruiz exuded energy, full party stage presence, better vocal. It was fun. …and I hate to mention the transgender part, but there were a few frat-types that didn’t seem like they were in the know. I can imagine their potential dismay at learning what was up, if stereotypes are to be held.

DJ set.

Holy Ghost! crowds the stage with giant analog synths, color block lights in front of giant synths, extra drum stands and littered instruments. They file into position and cut loose. Don’t ask me what the set list was. I have no idea. I was having fun with the light and they sounded great. Shuffle the LP and there you go. I think “Static on the Wire” started things off and of course “Wait and See” and “Hold On” were crowd favorites. I don’t recall hearing the recently released Ministry cover. I’ll have to ask the wife and get back to you.

There were plenty of shenanigans including a trip into the crowd by Alex and an iPhone pic from the stage. The band had fun. We had fun.

Way more pics over at the photo site

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