Top Songs of the Year (50-1)

Yesterday we brought you some of our favorite hits from the last year, but now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. Time to test ourselves against the best, and see what you guys think of our Top 50 Songs of 2011. Regardless, these are ours, so we’re not changing, but I think there’s tons of hits on this list. Follow the jump for list.

Again, links lead to MP3 downloads or to youtube clips.

50) Foreign Born – Keep It In Mind

49) The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love

48) Jeff the Brotherhood – Shredder

47) Gem Club – Breakers

46) Elbow – The Birds

45) King Creosote – Missionary

44) Fool’s Gold – Wild Window

43) Big Wave Riders – Behind These Walls

42) The Cave Singers – Swim Club

41) Grooms – Tiger Trees

40) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Heart in the Heartbreak

39) Shimmering Stars – Nervous Breakdown

38) Cut Off Your Hands – You Should Do Better

37) Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean

36) Kindest Lines – Baltimore

35) Jim Ward – Broken Songs

34) The Vaccines – Norgaard

33) Girls – Vomit

32) Dum Dum Girls – Coming Down

31) Crystal Antlers – Summer Solstice

30) Gross Magic – Teen Jamz

29) The National – Exile Vilify

28) Thee Oh Sees – I Need Seed

27) Cold Cave – The Great Pan is Dead

26) Destroyer – Chinatown

25) Mind Spiders – No Romance

24) Yuck – Holing Out

23) Cut Copy – Need You Now

22) Terry Malts – Something About You

21) Beach Fossils – Out in the Way

20) Hospitality – Friends of Friends

19) Male Bonding – Bones

18) Papercuts – Do What You Will

17) Girls Names – Seance on a Wet Afternoon

16) Light For Fire – Huckster

15) Craft Spells – You Should Close the Door

14) Young Galaxy – Cover Your Tracks

13) Obits – I Want Results

12) Generationals – Ten Twenty Ten

11) Cloud Nothings – Nothings Wrong

10) The Drums – Money

9) Gold Leaves – The Ornament

8) Active Child – Diamond Heart

7) Other Lives – For 12

6) Real Estate – It’s Real

5) Wax Idols – Gold Sneakers

4) Seapony – Dreaming

3) Wye Oak – Civilian

2) Twerps – Who Are You

1) Snowmine – Let Me In

That’s it folks! That’s our end of the year list for songs. We’ll return next week with our favorite albums, and maybe even a guest appearance from our famed writer on all things electronic. Til then, leave a note telling us where we’ve gone wrong, otherwise we’ll see you next week!


  • I’ll be keeping the year end thing going next week. It ain’t 2012 yet…

    Created an auto playlist to tabulate favorites purely on number of plays. I have played 80 songs at least ten times. Makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

  • Very nice!

    We agree on #1 this year. I love the entire Snowmine record but Let Me In certainly has left an impact. My wife’s favorite song too. She hits repeat every time it comes on.

    Wye Oak, Real Estate and Other Lives records all have top songs for me, as well.

    Some songs I haven’t heard on here. I’ll spend some weekend listening to some new stuff it seems. Great list(s) Cool.

  • Agreed with the number 1 choice, just as Jeff said. Snowmine’s album was my favourite of the year, and Let Me In is such a fantastic track from it.

    Great countdown! I know a lot of these, but not all of them. Looking forward to giving the rest a listen when I have time!

  • Love this list. Check out Walk the Moon. They have a new website up and preview their new EP.

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