Show Pics: OBN IIIs @ Emo’s

The original Emo’s is closing. Yes, we have mentioned it before, but it is real now. Seemed so far away when we shared our best Emo’s moments.

OBN IIIs headlined a punk show a couple nights ago. Nathan and I went to send off the Alternative Lounge in style as so many familiar faces filled the crowd. Wiccans and Video opened, but my punk-show dollars are going to OBN IIIs right now. Fun.

Head past for plenty of pics as we get nostalgic again.

Thanks for the green light!

The bar had no credit card machine and no soda gun. Cigarette vending machine was gone, as well. The place was nekkid. Happy to report the smell in the bathroom has not been moved to the new venue yet, though.

Missed Wiccans. On to pics…

As always, check more out at the photo site

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