Show Review: Starfucker @ The Mohawk (1/14)

I like outside shows when it is cold.

Starfucker headlined The Mohawk last Saturday. Alexico and Painted Palms opened the sold out show (honestly a bit surprised) that was made warm with merriment and spirits, or whatever else. Starfucker pulls a weird blend of show-goers including some old people (mainly me). It was a young crowd, it was a good crowd.

Head past the break for pics and show notes…

Alexico is a solo performer with roots in Monterrey, Mexico. Small keyboard, laptop, guitar – standard issue bedroom pop fare with Spanish lyrics. Loved the music, not a fan of the vocal, but he was able to keep the interest of the young crowd despite a late start.

Painted Palms is still touring in support of the Canopy EP (streaming at their bandcamp page). I am newish to these guys, a Louisiana born but San Francisco based duo made up of Reese Donohue and Chris Prudhomme, tour with support. Their set was fun. Musically, there were a lot of backing tracks, but it worked. Loops and echoes to simple layers, they love the blurry/underwater fade-in. People danced. People commented that they liked. “Falling Asleep” was lovely.

Starfucker had a bottle of Maker’s on the stage. No dresses this time around, I guess it was a little too chilly. A few hats were perched, but that’s about it. Energy level was high; laser beams peppered the band members as they jammed their way through the set, swapping places between just about every song. This is dance pop, performed at a very high level. They wanted to play as long as possible, asking towards the end whether or not they could manage to get in the last songs before noise ordinances shut them down.

Show highlights for me: “Mystery Cloud”, “Bury Us Alive”, and “Julius” – I missed “Millions” running over to Stubb’s. There was a new track played called “Hamster”. The encore was “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, closing with “Boy Toy”.

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