Show Review: The Kills @ Stubbs (1/25)

Alison Mosshart gets a lot of credit for her prowess as a front woman, both for The Kills and Dead Weather.  We had to see for ourself how her new album was going to play out, plus we got to see our favorites Jeff the Brotherhood in the process.

Read on for pics and gossip. 

Okay, so we don’t have gossip; we’re not cool enough for that. I do want to toss out a few words on the acts and the night.

Hunters began the affair, and for the first ten minutes, they did an exceptional job.  They had an abrasive sounds, filled with distorted guitars and a nice performance from Isabel on lead vocals. However, her bratty vocal approach and hair shaking grew a bit weary on this listener, coming across a little forced.  She’s great to photograph and watch, but her role seemed distracting at times, and left me looking for more.

However, the middle act, Jeff the Brotherhood, packed the punch we were looking for on this particular evening.  They’ve got a heavy feel that combines bits of metal and blues, yet there’s a pop sensibility that you can find in their latest release, We Are Champions.  Every song came across in their furious fashion, but I was left to wonder a little bit how much more incredible they’d be with a touring bassist to kick up the sound just a notch. If you combined their songwriting and performance with a bass player, you’d probably have a band that could do no wrong.  That being said, their short set stole the show for us, even in its brevity.

When the Kills took to the stage, we were ready, and Alison took to the stage like the caged animal she is, thrashing her poorly dyed hair about.  But, their set seemed to lack a bit of steam until they hit “URA Fever,” one of the standout tracks from Midnight Boom.  For all the performance antics we adore, it was clear by the audience response that the aforementioned record really holds its own, especially in the songwriting. Every track from that record received a huge applause, and while the performance was always spot on, the songs sort of dragged on throughout the show.  And personally, no one should ever cover “Crazy,” not even in homage to Patsy Cline.  Still, the band gave a solid 19 song performance, my favorite being “Black Balloon,” so you have to give them credit for giving the fans what they wanted.  It was a decent show, just not one that will leave me with memories I’ll go back to days from now.

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