Show Pics: A Lull @ The Mohawk (1/30)

Yeah, I went out in crap weather on a Monday night to see some bands. Fine, I feel you judging me.

It was an inside show at Mohawk that featured A Lull. They had Deleted Scenes and Tape Deck Mountain opening. It was fun to open up the big 50 and catch slices of the show.

The night had building complexity, building layers. The bands broadcast intelligent, well-crafted music. Click that read more link over there for some show notes and plenty of pics…

I won’t complain about the lights and I don’t feel like over-processing the noise out. I like it.

Tape Deck Mountain is a three piece that brings grungy, atmospheric noise to the stage. I get the feeling that the bass player spent time in metal bands from his stance. It was a perfect way to fill the wood-walled venue. Properly reverbed and fuzzed, I remember P.I. from the Secret Serf EP released last March as being my favorite track from the set.

Touring in support of Young People’s Church of the Air, Deleted Scenes takes sabbaticals from careers medical research and child development to spread their sound. There are extra instruments and keyboards all about the stage. The wide range to their songs runs from poppy to experimental, elegant to noisy. If you are stuck on a particular genre, you might find something to like and hate about every song. It creates tension. Great rhythm section, powerful stage presence from the frontman, I liked their set quite a bit. Bedbedbedbed in the next to last slot was pretty cool stuff.

Still raining.

A Lull has two drummers. I am a sucker for double drummer action, especially in a smaller room. It’s huge. The technical difficulty bug hit a couple songs in, knocking them out of the groove for a song. Things fell into place nicely by Some Love; great harmony here with the power of the rhythm section working to emphasize the other more melodic elements. They lost me with the cover of Springsteen’s I’m on Fire. Sorry guys, it just didn’t work for me, about the only sour point I had on the evening.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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