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SxSW is getting closer and closer and this IT Dept. has very little to do with SxSW becasue it is still too far away for me to start getting hyped. O_o

Since we played catch-up in the previous IT post, here is a collection of new tunes for you to ponder. I am throwing out a favorite from Mint Julep, the latest from Bear In Heaven, smoothness with oOoOO, School of Seven Bells minus a twin and an atmospheric closer from Blondes.

Click past the break and you might get rewarded with cheese.


Mint Julep – Why Don’t We

Mint Julep are a husband and wife duo, Boston to Portland transplants, delivering sensible perfection. The last track from Keith and Hollie Kenniff’s latest release, Save Your Season, is a best for last scenario. Waved-synth open, backed by melting vocals, I cannot begin to convey how much I dig this tune right now.


Bear In Heaven – The Reflection of You

Our boys from Brooklyn have a bit of a sense of humor when it comes to the intarwebs. Bear In Heaven have been streaming their new album since mid-December. Only catch is it is only playing once over the four months, very slowly, until the 4/3/12 release date. Funny. |||SxSW content warning||| They will be here in March.


oOoOO – No Way Back

Heads up, new track dropping here. We are told the pending release, Our Loving is Hurting Us, from oOoOO is multi-market baby with roots in San Francisco, Berlin and New York. I don’t know if you can hear it in this track co-penned with Butterclock, but this is diggable. If someone in Frisco is reading, 2/22 @ Rickshaw with Grimes, just go.


School of Seven Bells – Lafaye

SVIIB is back with Ghostory. I sincerely hope this track is a hint and not the pinnacle of the album, because I want a lot out of the band. you see, only one of the Deheza twins remains in the band, so I guess Ben and Alejandra are going to favor the new material on tour without Claudia for backing vocals. Developing…


Blondes – Wine

Sam Haar and Zach Steinman make up the duo Blondes. The self-titled release is allegedly due out 2/7/12, but we’ll see about the extent of distro. Many of you may know that I like to go out of IT Dept. posts with mellower tunes batting clean-up. Fans of Tycho, Walls and Ulrich Schnauss will be pleased.


As a little treat, here is the oOoOO track…

Download: oOoOO – No Way Back [MP3]

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