Show Pics: Los Campesinos @ The Parish (2/17)

It was a double header night of show pics for me. I started at St. David’s Church for Islands and walked down the steep hill to catch Los Campesinos. I guess I’ll post the Campes first.

I missed the opener, but was able to mill around in a very enthusiastic crowd to get some pics. This was the first of two night stand, so some songs requests from the crowd were turned down. “We have to save some for tomorrow night.”

Read on to see the pics and get a few more notes from the show.

The light at The Parish was a revelation after dealing with the ambience (lack of light) at the previous venue.

The crowd was loyal and frantic. A bit surprised it wasn’t a sell-out when I got there, but The Parish must have hit capacity shortly after I walked through as I saw the tour mgmt. walking through with a clipboard. Side note, you can go anywhere if you wear safety glasses and carry a clipboard.

Luckily, the first three rule was not in effect. I walked in for “Songs About Your Girlfriend”, nice way to do so. “You! Me! Dancing!” was intro’ed as their most played song with references to its popularity through the TV commercials. The crowd danced, the floor shook. Regular set ended with a subdued “Baby I Got the Death Rattle”. Now I believe the closer was “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks”, the band huddled after Gareth spent time out in the crowd, a now common occurrence at The Parish.

Admittedly, they have lost street cred in the Indie circle, but they are still fun.

There are a few more at the photo site

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