SXSW Interview: Shimmering Stars

Our SXSW interviews continue today with Canada’s Shimmering Stars.  Last year they released Violent Hearts on Hardly Art Records, and while it had a little bit of the modern jangle, it harkened back to a purer era in rock n’ roll…the sort you’re mom or dad probably played around the house when you were growing up (I know mine did).  Check out what singer/guitarist Rory has to say on the upcoming festival and life in general.

ATH: What is the most challenging thing about being a band during SXSW or another similar festival?

Rory: Not getting arrested. Remaining vegetarian. Remaining sober.

ATH: What are some tips you would offer newbie bands to survive during SXSW or just in general on tour?

Rory: Go for it! Get as much free stuff as you can. Avoid the industry crap, have fun at the backyard parties.

ATH: What music are you guys currently jamming in your tour bus/van?

Rory: We don’t have a tour bus, but we have an obnoxious French driver who tortures us with grating noises and bad music.

ATH: Who wins the Euro Cup this summer? It’s okay to tell us you hate soccer.

Rory: Don’t even know what the Euro Cup is.

ATH: Due to licensing, you’ve had to change the band name, or else you get sued! What do you change it to?

Rory: Sled Dog Afterbirth

ATH: It’s fairly early in the musical year. What’s in store for your band before the world ends in December?

Rory: New album probably fall/winter 2012, and a European and/or east coast tour around the same time.

ATH: What’s the best pre-show beverage for the band? Let’s get brand specific! And, what’s the worst free shot we can buy you at SXSW?

Rory: Definitely good beer: an IPA, imperial IPA, or some weird Belgian shit – Cantillon, Echt Kriekenbier, or any lambic.

ATH: Being out on tour, what’s the one thing you miss about being back at home?

Rory: Weirdly enough, sobriety.

ATH: Best band of all time is….?

Rory: Pixies, Wolf Nebula.

Thanks to Jason Baxter for the interview organization, and to Rory for the time!


Download: Shimmering Stars – Nervous Breakdown [MP3]

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