SXSW Interviews: Library Voices

Well, the madness that is SXSW has officially begun, but just before we sign off for a few days officially, we’ve still got some awesome acts we want you to pay attention to as you finalize those plans for the week.  Here’s some interview answers from Canadian group Library Voices, who released a great album, Summer of Lust, last year. Read on for the group’s responses….ATH: What is the most challenging thing about being a band during SXSW or another similar festival?

Library Voices: The hardest part is being a band. Obviously we are there to play and couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to perform but between all of the food and a million bands we want to check out, it gets pretty hectic.

ATH:  What are some tips you would offer newbie bands to survive during SXSW or just in general on tour?

Library Voices: Make a plan. Knowing who you want to see, where they’re playing and when you’ll have to be there to see them. Will make for less dissapointment and a more fulfilling festival. Tour in general: Stay hydrated and practice good hygene.

ATH: What music are you guys currently jamming in your tour bus?

Library Voices: The Great Bloomers and Erin Passmore

ATH: Who wins the Euro Cup this summer? It’s okay to tell us you hate soccer.

Library Voices: Ireland (66 to 1 chance of getting out of our Pool. Thats the best odds we’ve had in years)

ATH:  Due to licensing, you’ve had to change the band name, or else you get sued! What do you change it to?

Library Voices: We’re fairly certain the three public library blogs we share a name with aren’t too threatened by us but if we had to, we’d probably go with The Sheepdog’s.

ATH: It’s fairly early in the musical year. What’s in store for your band before the world ends in December?

Library Voices: SXSW is the kick off to three months on tour. Once thats done we’ll continue writing, summer festivals and more touring.

ATH:  What’s the best pre-show beverage for the band? Let’s get brand specific! And, what’s the worst free shot we can buy you at SXSW?

Library Voices: That’s a wide range: from Guinness to water, vodka sodas to tea or coffee. Lemon gin, there is nothing more tragic than someone drunk on lemon gin.

ATH:  Being out on tour, what’s the one thing you miss about being back at home?

Library Voices: Our beds

ATH:  Best band of all time is….?

Library Voices: The Beatles or Salt N Peppa


Download:Library Voices – Generation Handclap [MP3]

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