Catchy Pop Number from Boxer the Horse

How many bands have you heard of from Prince Edward Island? Well, if you haven’t, you need to mark Boxer the Horse down on your list as band to adore.  The quartet are back with their second album, French Residency, and it’s a gem.  A lot of the record really harkens back to the innocent pop of the Lucksmiths, but I couldn’t resist throwing this number out there, as it’s definitely one of those you can play over and over. You might also find a bit of Pavement in the vocals/lyrics, just as the guitars cascade with bliss, grabbing you by the ears and rocking you out. I’ve been jamming this one all day long.


Download:Boxer the Horse – Rattle Your Cage [MP3]


  • Very cool track, thanks!

  • I recently saw them in Moncton, New Brunswick. All I have to say is that these guys are the real deal. They rocked live. “Rattle Your Cage” was the show closer – it was amazing live. Love these guys. Favorite song on the album “Karen Silkwood.” I can’t wait to see them again.

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