Show Pics: Best of Showcases @ SxSW 2012

So this is goodbye…

I officially declare SxSW 2012 done with this collection of pics pulled in from showcases. While this isn’t every band I saw, it is every band that I happened to enjoy seeing, other than the Night at the Belmont shots already posted. I still have trouble remembering what happened and when. Is it time to register for next year yet?

Click through and I will share a few thoughts and you will see shots of Solander, Django Django, Blondes, Class Actress, Howler, Blouse, Breton and more…

Solander, bad light from the LED scourge, but perfect sound. In listening to some recordings, go see them live. The stripped-down versions are far more elegant.

Let’s talk Breton, they have some sort of mix of 80’s post/wave and Foals and Tom Vek. Jams, but they get serious. They can pull off their sound live, which is never a bad thing.

Blouse can be monotone/monotonous until the song that got me hooked on them is played. “Into Black” hypnotizes and it all makes sense.

Howler, in retrospect, put on one of my favorite sets. High energy with blasts of sarcastic interaction and a commitment to playing loud and fast.

Blondes also stays top of mind for killing it in the worst possible venue. Electronic song-crafting at it finest was on display as an unrealizing crowd of Barbarella zombies danced.

Django Django got short-setted by technical difficulties so I didn’t get hear my jam, “Default”. Come back, please.

A few more pics at the photo site, as always.

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