BouncyNew Song from Ramona Falls

Brent Knopf is probably best known for his work in Menomena, but his work with Ramona Falls seems to be leading him in a really remarkable direction.  The group will release their second album, Prophet, via Barsuk on May 1st, and I won’t be let down if it sounds anything at all like the track below.  It’s got a lot of maneuvering going on musically, with slight bits of beautiful vocals thrown here and there. As it comes to a close, it takes on a more spirited emotion, ending with a track that we won’t soon forget.  Better get on this soon; it’s that good. Plus, check out a track they tossed out earlier that I completely skipped over! Sorry about that.


Download:Ramona Falls – Sqworm [MP3]


Download:Ramona Falls – Spore [MP3]

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