Show Review + Pics: Real Estate @ the Mohawk (4/11)

In a week of packed shows, Wednesday was definitely full of shows, from Spoon to Real Estate to Bowerbirds to Keep Shelley in Athens, and we found ourselves at several…actually, all but Spoon.  Read on for a few brief notes on Twerps and Real Estate, and Brian Gray’s excellent photos.


I can’t say enough positive things about Twerps.  Marty’s joyous on stage, their songs are really solid, especially their self-titled album.  Of course, I also am indebted to them for their momentary shout out with “Who Are You.”  The Austin crowd was oddly quiet during their set, and I want to say that’s entirely due to their enjoyment, but hey, you never can really gauge the reaction of an arm-crossing bunch of fans.  Still, they’re enjoying themselves out on the road in America, though it will shortly come to end.  Honestly, I haven’t seen a more humble, happy group come through town in some time.  Best of luck on your return fellas.

And Real Estate…what is there left to say? Seriously, look at the list of bands playing in town tonight? Still, Real Estate packed the house full over at Mohawk, and they delivered on every level.  They always sound great, so it’s no wonder people continue to pack their shows.  On top of that, word from the Twerps is that they just happen to be one of the nicest groups of dudes, helping the Twerps get adjusted to the States.  I could go on and on about all the hits, admitting that “It’s Real” is one of my personal live favorites, but the band needn’t more accolades.  They clearly won every fan in Austin over, and as word spreads, they’ll continue to gain popularity.  I’d figure they’re a safe bet to put on a great show any old time, so be sure to catch them next time around.

Even more pics at the photo site

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  • Thanks for posting the great pics of Real Estate! We drove in from Houston to see them and your review perfectly states my feelings about the show and the band. It’s Real is an awesome song and I love the video with the dogs! Out of Tune sounded great live and I loved the way they close the show. See you next time around!!

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