Show Pics: Jonquil @ The Mohawk (4/11)

Yes, more show pics.

I am still plowing through a backlog of photos from last week’s blitz of shows. This post features shots of Ladders, Jonquil and Keep Shelly in Athens playing the Mohawk’s inside stage after the Real Estate show. And you may notice the post title above being show pics of Jonquil even though they weren’t the headliner and the reason for that is Keep Shelly in Athens turned off the lights. The projected scenes lent for a moody atmosphere, but not-so-good for pics.

More show comments with the shots after the break…

Ladders – I walked in on their set after bolting to the Parish to check out Bowerbirds. I think I liked what I heard. It was bit of stark contrast to where I was just minutes ago and I think I still had some calibration to do to get my head around their breaky/wavy sound.

Jonquil – Pros. Perfect brit-pop and delivered well. Hugo Manuel dropped a perfect vocal, varying his strength and distance to the mic to create the perfect balance while delivering melodies despite just have monitors at the corners of the stage. Though I still prefer Chad Valley

Keep Shelly in Athens – At FFF6, Sarah seemed mortified on stage. It was a big stage, very early in the day, very early in their live set’s evolution. The cover of dark and a few months on the road seem to have helped. There was an ease in the vocal now.

You can also view pics at the photo site

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