Sad Bastard Songs from Mbilly

It’s been awhile since I’ve revisited the quite side of my listening tastes; I’ve been delving into the rock n’ roll lately.  However, Portland’s Mbilly really sunk in with me today, especially listening to the following tracks from his upcoming LP, Malheur (June 5th).  My favorite of the two at this instant is the soft beginning of the album’s title track, strolling along gently with pure emotion.  The latter of the two tracks is more of a duet that demonstrate’s singer Helfrich’s ability to pull every ounce of his soul out through his voice.  Maybe you’ve been looking for some softer music to go and get lost inside; I hope this does the trick.


Download: Mbilly – Malheur [MP3]


Download: Mbilly – All Lives Lived [MP3]

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