Psych Rock Track from Allah-Las

Sure, Psych Fest just ended here in Austin, but I’m already trying to organize next year’s artists for the festival.  I’ve decided the first band they should pencil in is the Allah-Las, a hot group out of California.  After spending my weekend with music that blended together, I think there’s some distinction in the blend this band is playing, offering a cleaner spin on the genre.  Their second single, Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind) is something you’ll want to try and order from the group; I want you to take a nice little listen to the lead track from said single before you get your wallet out.


Download:Allah-Las – Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind) [MP3]


  • You nailed it with this one, ATH. Their new 7″ and split 8″ with Nick Waterhouse are amazing. The rumor going around is that Philippe DeBarge is buying up all the Allah-Las vinyl, so definitely want to get some now before we gotta bid on ebay.

  • They were great during SXSW. Almost a clean polished side to “Psych”… Beach Boyish at times.

  • My wallet is out

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