Great Old Song from Montero

It’s been pouring in Austin since yesterday, so I’m really happy that this song fits in perfectly with the weather.  To continue with my adoration of all things Oceanic, I’d like to reintroduce you to Montero…the project of Ben Montero (also featuring Guy of Chapter Music and Geoff of Crayon Fields).  At first, you’d think I’m just plugging my friends, and yea, I am, but this songs too great not to put it back on people’s radars.  This song comes from a 7″ they put out last year on Mistletone, and VICE caught wind of the band and made up THIS little mini-documentary.  I guess there’s never a bad time to listen to a good song, so enjoy this one friends; I do this for you all.


Download:Montero – Rainman [MP3]

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