Dark Jam from Rayon Beach

Just a bit ago we were watching a passionate set from Austin’s Rayon Beach, with the three piece punk-of-sorts band opening for Terry Malts.  Their songs were catchy and powerful, even without the presence of a bass guitar.  Luckily for fans of the band it’s time for you all to open up your ears and check out the group’s new LP, This Looks Serious, which you can purchase from Hozac Records (gold colored vinyl if you’re a nerd like that). I dig the shady darkness that kind of has the band brooding here, giving them this weird sensation of facing peril head-on.  It’s only a matter of time before Austin’s darlings make bigger waves–this LP seems to be that step out the door.  AND…if you’re in Austin, the band has their LP release tonight at 29th Street Ballroom.


Download:Rayon Beach – Where Are the Cities [MP3]

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