Show Pics: Suckers @ Red7 (5/25)

And so we run feature/show pic stories back to back, what? No big deal.

After the Lost In Austin session, Suckers decided they might as well play a set at Red7. We all decided to entertain Ryan and Nathan’s bromance by attending and I took some pics, naturally. I am still trying to warm up to the inside stage at Red7, my biggest gripe now being the lights. I missed Boyfrndz, caught the last bit of Young Man and was surrounded by friends for Suckers. Last Friday night was a great night.

Anyway, hit the read more for a few thoughts and pics…

Young Man was in full jam. I haven’t spent time with the recorded material yet, going in cold, no verdict. I will reserve full opinion status until I catch more of a set after getting acquainted.

Suckers is a known for Austin Town Hall. They are good people and we will see them any time they are in town. We had a great time at the day party and we knew we would enjoy a night that marked the start of summer for RayRay and Nathan, had a stranger joining us from out of town and promised plenty of blogosphere people in tow.

Whistling, trumpets, poses, jams, tributes, thank yous, everyone on stage to close it out <- that was the show. Got it? Good. [gallery order="ASC" columns="4" orderby="menu_order"] There are a few more pics at the photo site

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