Show Pics: Two Door Cinema Club @ Stubb’s (6/1)

So Two Door is one of those bands that I can’t help but like. Call me a sucker for Brit Pop done by Irish kids (cue snarky comment from Nathan).

But what was nice to see was Bad Veins opening for them again. They are on the local label Modern Outsider who are friends of the program.

However, the middle support sucked. Think wedding DJ meets karaoke mash-up. Oh my, it was so bad and made worse when I found out the respectable Clap Your Hands Say Yeah would be in the two-slot for the rest of the tour.

Anyway, I love these pics. Enjoy.

No air movement at Stubb’s after long line of fans baked in the sun for a spot on the rail meant several casualties. Confirmed twelve kids pulled out of the crowd for passing out, dehydration or illegal hydration, by the time TDCC took the stage, three or four more after. Tips, water is your friend and don’t lock your knees. The security staff handed out cases of bottled water to the crowd. Nice.

Bad Veins had the customary stage set up and wardrobe. They mixed in newer tunes with the mainstays and seemed to win over a crowd that had little idea who they were. Apparently, they have had a few good nights of merch already, a sign that the bill will help their profile. Irene (reel-to-reel) handled backing tracks while Sebastien pummeled the drum kit. Benjamin Davis seems to have improved vocals a bit since the last going, maybe just a better mix.

The Knocks were awful. Even the enthusiastic young crowd started to turn on them (at least in my mind they did, if I am to have any hope for the future). “Are you still with us, Austin?” This Austinite says, “No.”

Two Door Cinema Club loves their strobes, so I had some fun with it. Long exposure as the band walked out to the flashes turned out pretty cool. I slowed things down a few more times during the set to get the big fill. High Energy, solid set, two new tracks that came off more polished, all the hits, three song encore, these guys can play. No, not indie, not even close anymore. They are a pop band that is taking steps up the ladder.

Plenty more pics at the photo site

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