New Proto Punker from Fergus & Geronimo

You know by now we’re pretty big fans of Hardly Art Records, so we’re always happy to share the new tunes they’re pushing, especially when it’s by a band we love, such as Fergus & Geronimo. We’re getting closer to the August 7th release of the band’s new album, Funky Was the State of Affairs, and I’m really appreciating their state of mind.  Their earliest single was a bit of hodge-podge art rock, but this time they’re taking dead aim at second wave punk rock, using grooving bass work, spoken word delivery and a propulsive drum beat.  I can’t get the similarities to Wire out of me head, especially in songs like “Three Girl Rhumba,” though that track is more guitar than bass. Regardless, we’re totally jamming this tune out.


Download:Fergus & Geronimo – No Parties [MP3]

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  • Excellent write up. I love how this band can vary their songs but still be “catchy”

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