Powerful Ballad From Will Johnson

A quick search for his name on this site and you’ll surely see that ATH has been a supporter of Will Johnson since we first began talking about music.  His music has always been underappreciated in my opinion, and he somehow always seems to be just on the cusp of blowing up, but then never does.  He’s one of the best kept secrets in the songwriting world.  This year, Will is planning to release another solo album entitled Scorpion which is due out September 11th.  To preview the album, Will has offered up this new track “You Will Be Here, Mine” as a free download to his fans.  The song features the typical beauty we’ve come to expect from Mr. Johnson with its subdued songwriting technique yet more powerful after ever listen.  Carry on sir.


Download: Will Johnson – You Will Be Here, Mine [MP3]

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