New Discovery: Dot Dash

It’s hot outside, finally. I’m hanging inside getting my Olympics on and trying to discover new tunes. My favorite hit today comes from DC’s band Dot Dash, a band who win in their Wire reference alone, but they’ve also got the hits to back it all up. Honestly, I think this tune from their most recent record, Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash, has a bit more of a Jam/Futureheads feel to it, but they’ve got some other tracks on their Soundcloud that give way to the reference point. It’s all like a mod/punk blend of goodness that really deserves a lot of respect (and love); I miss people making music like this.  Check em out.


Download:Dot Dash – The Color and the Sound [MP3]


  • Just listened to their Soundcloud and it’s great. I hear a bit of The Three O’Clock, and while it seems redundant to throw this out…I hear The Clean as well.

    Great sound. As usual, thanks for the introduction.

  • I also hear some Rick Rizzo from Eleventh Dream Day. I bought the CD and it’s fantastic.

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