Show Preview + Ticket Giveaway!!!

BUMP: We’re really stoked to be working with C3 this week to put on a great show over at Stubbs!  Two of our favorite bands will be rocking the venue that night for the cheap price of $8; you’ll get to see Saint Motel and Races.  Saint Motel just released Voyeur, which is one of the best pop rock records of the year, and Races are still out supporting Year of the Witch.  I can’t think of a better show to get your rock on this week, so we’re proud to be sponsor the gig.  And in doing so, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky person.  All you have to do is leave your favorite Olympian in the comment section (you know, to keep with the times), and we’ll pick our winner from there. Contest runs til Thursday night, and we’ll see you at the show Saturday.


Download:Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces [MP3]


Download: Races – Lies [MP3]


  • Can I vote for all of the swimmers? I also spotted a substitute on the England soccer team who looks a lot like Ryan Gosling. I just love the olympics!

  • Lochte Nation baby!

  • Since I haven’t watched 5 minutes of the London Olympics (I know, I know), I’m going with classic Olympians. I choose Apollo, god of music and poetry. Duh. Dionysus is a close second since he threw all the raging parties.

  • Roger Federer, I watch a lot of tennis and he’s my fave, I don’t care that he’s Swiss, he’s great and he’s still got it even in his 30s.

  • My favorite Olympian is Calvin Johnson. He may be a swimmer.

  • My favorite olympian is michael phelps, hes hot.

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