Show Review: Saint Motel @ Stubbs (8/4)

We were fortunate enough to work with C3 in order to host this show over at Stubb’s Saturday night, featuring two of our favorite acts, Saint Motel and Races.  We’re grateful for such a huge turnout, packing the house for these two deserving bands.

Read on for more thoughts and B’s killer pics.

Races kick-started the evening with a solid 45 minute set, most of which came from their album Year of the Witch.  I think the band award goes to Devon Lee for energy; her performance and smiles gave a lot of life to the energy on the stage.  I found the band really well rehearsed, replicating their studio work to one of RayRay’s favorite records to near perfection.  Their sound was compelling, combining intricate guitar harmonies with male/female vocal performances; you had to be there to hear Wade’s voice executed so well,  to much applause from the audience.

And finally we were able to see Saint Motel, having followed the band for some time.  Honestly, I think their recently released record Voyeur deserves a lot more praise than it’s receiving, but I think the word’s going to spread as more people see the band in the live setting.  Singer A/J entertained the audience, humble and I think a bit bewildered by the huge crowd in attendance.  They deserved every bit of attention we’ve given them, bouncing about the stage, banging out great hits like “Feed Me Now” and “1997.”  Personally, I couldn’t wait to see the energy and the performance on “Puzzle Pieces”, which came as the second to last song of the evening.  It lived up to everything I hoped, with the crowd bouncing and singing along as a huge smile emerged from all members of the band.  I knew they had the hits, but it was great to see them excel on the stage; I expect they’ll continue to grow in popularity as they make their way across the country.

The whole night was a huge success, for us and the bands.  The crowd was great, the energy went back and forth between band and audience, and I’m pretty sure everyone in the room that night had a great time.

Here are some pics from B.

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