Introducing Youth of the Beast

I got an email the other day about this Southern California based duo Youth of the Beast and I almost wrote them off without giving them much of a chance. ¬†Not sure what possessed me not to give them a chance, but I’m glad that I gave them a listen as I’m enjoying the tunes more and more with each listen. ¬†The song I have for you below “Shotgun Army” is easily the most catchy and poppy tune on the band’s recent LP release¬†Seventy Seven. ¬†A lot of the songs have this sort of folk-pop feel about them with the strong Nick Cave like vocals from Adrian Symcox really carrying each and every song. ¬†If you’re feeling this one, the band’s entire album is streaming over on bandcamp.


Download: Youth of the Beast РShotgun Army [MP3]


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