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So, one of the perks of running a music site is you get tons of free stuff; I mean TONS.  But, another perk is that you get to hook up your readers too! Unfortunately, this contest is only for our Austin folks, so I can hand deliver it (I’m a cheap skate), but if you leave a comment below you could win tons of free stuff.  I’ll throw in advance copies of stuff from around the globe, not to mention stickers and other goodies, just as long as you promise to spread the word on our tiny little site; I might even throw in a free Literature LP to boot.  Leave a comment with your favorite band at the moment, and the one closest to my tastes wins the schwag. Contest ends Sunday night.


  • Last year it was the Foo Fighters, but now I guess I am between bands. Mostly, I have been listening to bands that Josh Homme fronted (QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures, and Eagles of Death Metal). I can’t wait to hear someone come out with a slamming new album because I’m in need of a new obsession. Thanks for this contest and I hope to win!

  • I don’t know if you even know of any of these bands but lately, I have been really into Emarosa, Pierce The Veil, Tonight Alive, Bayside, Relient K, Alkaline Trio, and The Bunny The Bear.

  • Once upon a time I went to see Bright Eyes at SXSW. I was at the front of the stage for the opening bands when misfortune struck. The singer of the first band to play (can’t remember the name of the band) tripped on stage and the bottom of his boot connected with my face. I stuck out the concert even though I had lost a contact, my cell phone, and my eye was rapidly swelling. The black eye was worth the show 🙂

  • By far my fav release this year has been Zeus’ Bursting Visions. And I found out about ’em on your site with “Are You Gonna Waste My Time?”. I owe ya one. And I also want the records and posters and stuff.

  • I’ve been hooked on the band Coconut Records lately. I’m not sure if their music would fit your taste, but it’s great chill out music in my opinion. Extremely catchy though; I think their song “Saint Jerome” has been stuck in my head for the last week…

  • Eyes Lips Eyes’ debut album “Blue Red” is a little gem of songs. Their sound is a melting pot of genres, and refreshingly unique in its own right. It’s hard to choose one song in particular as a favorite since the album is worthy of the “beginning-to-end” treatment, but here’s a link to their song “Tickle”:

  • my top 3 fav lp’s of the year so far are memoryhouse, diiv, and colleen green. all really different from each other, but i still haven’t decided what my #1 is yet. today it’s diiv, there’s not even a piece of a bad song on the entire album 🙂 and they ruled ass when they opened for frankie rose this past spring.

  • Oh man, pop punk, love it…Ted Leo is my ultimate fav, and is probably the greatest thing to happen to music. Man I love that guy…Cloud Nothings are pretty good sometimes, but can’t touch Ted Leo..he’s just sooooo awesome!

  • I see your ploy there Michael! I see your Ted Leo and raise you three Residual Kids.

  • William Fernandez

    Rogue Wave all the way. “Lake Michigan” is my jam!

  • Hands up. Neutral Milk Hotel. Hands down.

  • Beach House is my current favorite. I own all four of their albums and Victoria LeGrand is pretty much my hero. I went to see them the 21st of September in Dallas via a four-hour bus ride; got to the doors of the venue four hours early. The show was absolutely incredible and reinforced everything I love about Beach House. I thrashed, I screamed lyrics, I went on a wild ride and was essentially lost in the moment. They played every song I had hoped for (except On The Sea, but I’m not complaining) and even scored a set list after. Then I waited outside the back of the venue with some friends for two hours and finally met Victoria LeGrand and Alex Scully. They signed my copy of Teen Dream and she told me she liked my style! I died multiple times that night and I still keep Beach House on repeat pretty much every day. I love the dreamy, almost depressant vibe in their songs and can’t get enough.

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