Show Review: White Arrows @ Red7 (9/20)

Last Thursday was a busy night for music. Poor Fiona.

After taking Dustin Wong, The Walkmen and Beach House, ATH hit two other shows including one we were presenting at Red7. White Arrows was back in town as a headliner after playing the opening slot for Beat Connection, a show where the headliner was bested. It was good to see these guys come back through and put forth another great set.

Read on for a few deets and pics.

With so many shows going, front man Mickey Church thanked the still filing in crowd for being there. In fact, the crowd probably doubled through the course of their set, no doubt because of other shows ending or the intarwebs and social mediators eliciting attendance.

The set list stayed pretty on form to the previous set and we were fine with that. They admitted that the Bruce cover was going to go away soon. We were fine with that, too. It is the original songs, the jams, the slow jams, the dance hits that I want to here. I am not sure how to describe them sometimes; it is easy just to call it dance pop and leave it at that. However, they have links to jam bands and hippy rock for sure. Hippy jam dance? Maybe, but the members of the crowd not knowing what to expect were again won over and I was re-energized after the heaviness of the Beach House set.

Highlights included “Roll Forever”, “Get Gone” and I have a new love for “Coming or Going” which seems to have picked up a few elements of the RAC remix in the live setting.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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