ATH Interviews: Doug Guller

We here at ATH have always been huge fans of east side venue Scoot Inn, so we were intrigued to hear that Austin business mogul Doug Guller was purchasing the property.  Doug obviously knows the live music scene here in town, as he has owned and maintained popular venue The Parish for quite awhile.  Our intrigue of this recent acquisition lead to an informal interview with Doug via email.  Follow the jump for Doug’s responses to how he plans to restart the famous east side locale.

ATH: First off, congratulations on the recent acquisition. What made the decision for you to buy the new place? 

Doug: Thank you. When we heard that the live music was going to end at the scoot, we decided to call the seller and get involved.

ATH: Do you have any remodeling plans for the venue?  If so, what might they be? 

Doug: We want to keep the unique character and charm it already has, but we plan to make sure the bathrooms & hvac work, beer is cold, and the music sounds great.

ATH: What would be your vision for the “feel” of scoot inn?  as in, what type of music would you like to see booked there?  What crowd are you aiming for? 

Doug: Our booking team over @ the parish and the parish underground headed by travis newman and his team will be handling all booking at the scoot inn. We hope to continue the tradition of bringing great bands there on a consistent basis, with a wide variety of music.

ATH: Any plans for a big “re-opening” event? 

Doug: Yes, we plan to kick off on saturday, november 10th. Details provided shortly.

ATH: What do you plan to do to get scoot inn back on the map?  It seems like being on the far east side has caused a bit of a drop off in popularity recently.  How will you change that? 

Doug: We have a great team of people at our other music venues, mentioned above,  that are really excited about bringing the scoot inn back into the east side scene. our marketing will be working hard to make sure that happens.

ATH: Lastly, if scoot inn had to have a slogan, what would it be?  

Doug: hmmm….it probably already has one, ask me over a beer in a month and i’ll let ya know.

Thanks again for making the time Doug.  Say hi to the new owner of Scoot Inn via Twitter or on Linkdin.

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