Show Pics: Crocodiles @ Red7 (10/26)

Quick Show Pics post for your Monday…

Crocodiles came to town and used it as a way to pull in a ton of local acts and show them off. Cheap Curls is the current project of former Dum-Dum Girl Katie Brouillette-Serbian. We also had Gal Pals and La Migra.

Click through, a few more thoughts and plenty of pics…

La Migra is becoming a local favorite for the ATH team. Big jams, big sound, a bit Latin, a bit of Native American. Idunno, maybe psych Santana?

Gal Pals – I’ll say this. I like them now. I didn’t really get it the first time around. I was probably in a bad mood. Really enjoyed their set. Lite Brite FTW.

Cheap Curls plays a stripped down Dum-Dum set as a three piece. It makes sense. There are differences, of course, but it is all down to the changes from album to album or even song to song.

Crocodiles turned down the lights (more than they were) and went all red. OK. The biggest observation is that they seem to change their sound a bit to suit the audience. Opening for Temper Trap, more melodic. Crowd of friends at Red7, more noise.

More pics at the photo site

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