Fun Fest Preview: The Helio Sequence

We’re only a a short week or so away now from the upcoming Fun Fest this weekend and it’s time for us to start really delving into this lineup.  It’s hard for me to pick just one band to focus on so we’ll be bringing you several previews this week with bands we deem worthy of your time.  Today I’d like to turn your attention to veteran indie outfit The Helio Sequence.  Follow the jump for a little info on the band and their set time.

The Helio Sequence are band that seem to get forgotten by a lot of people as they don’t release new material every year, or even every other year for that matter.  No, these guys tend to average 3-4 years between albums, and in our current “gotta have it now” society, many casual music fans forget the old stand by veteran bands.  The band, comprised of Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikil, have been in the music game for over 10 years and currently have 5 full LPs under their belt with several more singles and 7″s.  My personal favorite in their catalogue is easily still Keep Your Eyes Ahead from 2008.  That album was such a beautiful pop record which continues to be highly underrated by many mainstream review sites.

This year saw the release of the band’s latest effort, Negotiations which also is somehow not appreciated by many critics.  Not to say people hate it, but the praise has been minimal for what is a very well put together electronica/folk/pop record.  Is that too many labels for one band?  Not for this one.  These guys continue to evolve with each record and refuse to be pinned down into one genre.

Oh and let’s not forget that the band can put on one hell of a show, especially considering they only have two members.  The Helio Sequence comes highly recommended from this guy.

You can check out The Helio Sequence Saturday at 2:10PM over on the Fun Fest Orange Stage.  We’ll be there and so should you.


Download: The Helio Sequence – October [MP3]

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