Fun x 3 Fest Preview: Sharon Van Etten

This is a troubling preview…do I swoon over the gorgeous Sharon Van Etten because of her music of her looks?  Can I do both?  I think I’ll do both.  It’s not enough that Sharon can play, and play incredibly well, but I can attest to her mesmerizing performances.  When I last caught her, her voice just took ahold of me, and refused to let go.  It’s not what one would describe as a “pretty” voice, which makes me appreciate what she’s doing all the more; she’s belting out her soul, not just trying to be adored.  Her recent album, Tramp, won over a lot of new fans, atop of accolades from many.  It’s moody and affecting, two things that translate to a good live performance by any artist, especially one the boys can swoon over.  Seeing Sharon on the stage is going to be one of my highlights of Fun Fun Fun Fest, but now that I think about it, it’s more for her incredible set of songs than the looks. But hey, those don’t hurt. 


Download: Sharon Van Etten – Serpents [MP3]

Sharon plays Friday, November 2nd at 3:25 on the Orange Stage.

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