5 Bands to See @ Fun Fest: Saturday

We’re all wiped out from a late night finish on the first Fun Fun Fun Fest evening, but we’re back up and at em’ ready to head in to Day Two with some rehydration and sunscreen.  Here’s my picks for Saturday, and they might not be your run of the mill pick, so be sure to pay attention!  Follow the jump for more.



1. Daughn Gibson

We caught the recent Sub Pop signing at Chaos in Tejas, and while the stage set up was minimal, we’ve fallen in love with the music of late.  You can even check out our recent interview with the man behind the tunes.  It’s going to be something a bit different to sink your teeth into.



2. The Spits

I’ve spent countless hours writing about this band, and I still feel like they’re vastly underrated.  They’re one of those bands that combines elements of garage, goth and punk all in a nice little shell of energy and expertise.  If you’re lost on what you should do in the mid afternoon, here’s your best bet, and one of the acts I think a lot of people will love after the fest is over.



3. Disappears

I can’t really say enough about this band.  They played at Psych Fest last year, and while I don’t think they really fit that bill, they killed it, and they were one of my personal highlights of that particular fest.  I can’t wait to get a chance to see them again this year.



4. Tanlines

This is an obvious choice. It’s dance music, and it’s good.  I’m not a huge proponent of dance music, but I can get behind these dudes, knowing they always thrill the crowds.  If you’re into the electronic ilk, then you won’t be disappointed by showing up here.



5. Refused

Duh. The most anticipated act by so many. Old school hardcore about to retreat to their place of non-existing career.  They’re parting ways, again, in a month or so, so if you love this band, or are curious, this might be your last chance ever.



We’ll see you all there.  Look for us chilling with our new friend Fasbender backstage.

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