Fun Fest Recap: RayRay Edition

We’ve always had one hell of a time at Fun Fest every year, and we always have some fun after the festival discussing our take on each day’s events.  This year, we’re letting each one of our writers provide their own take on the weekend with a personal recap of the goings ons so as to not compromise or impose on any one writer’s opinions.  I’ll be starting things off today with some random thoughts and favorite bands from the best festival in town.  Follow the jump for more from me.

Top 5 Bands:

1. Refused – I really didn’t think this band could deliver the way they did after such a long layoff for so many years.  Yeah I was wrong.  Best set of the weekend in my mind.

2. Cursive – This year’s festival was all about the veteran acts for me and these guys offered up an incredible performance featuring new tunes mixed in with great old numbers like “The Radiator Hums”.  Awesome set rivaled only by Refused.

3. Helio Sequence – I’m always impressed by these guys and their impeccable sound in the live setting.  I wasn’t sure they could pull off the same thing at a festival, but they surely delivered.

4. Promise Ring – This was easily one of my most anticipated bands of the weekend and the lived up to my hype machine.  Hopefully these guys stick around awhile and maybe write some new tunes.

5. Fang Island – Rarely does one get to see a 3 way guitar solo performed by one band.  This band had that going on during several songs and that’s just not something you see everyday.  I’d expect to see these guys on the black stage next time around.

Honorable Mentions: Against Me!, Fidlar, Cult of Youth, Braid, Santigold

Band Letdowns: Daughn Gibson, Japandroids

Favorite celebrity siting: Fasbender!  It’s been said before that we Austin types don’t know how to handle ourselves around celebrities, but I like to think we can play it cool.  I had a nice chat with Michael about his role as Magento and how my lady friend wouldn’t be happy about the photo I was taking with him.  He seemed like a nice enough guy.

Things I could do without: Black booger inducing dust, scenesters who travel in packs and talk during shows, power tripping APD cops threatening to put line cutters in jail, November heat waves

Things I’d like to have again: $2 bottled water with free refills, an abundance of local food options, tons of bands I want to see, small festival grounds, friendly staff

Closing Thoughts: Another great year from the festival promoters at Transmission.  The lineup was yet again superb and put together with a great deal of attention to detail.  It seems like all tastes are taken into account when booking and anyone can find something to adhere to their own tastes.  I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys can get together for next year to up the achievement scale even more.  Maybe a reunited Smiths?  One can only dream…. Rock on friends.

Fun x 3 Fest = Best festival in town

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