New Discovery: Ciro Madd

The great thing about a good long holiday weekend is that it allows for discovery, and I stumbled upon Ciro Madd by checking out the UK blog, Burning World.  The group is another one of those Brazilian acts that we might not have heard about, if we weren’t getting by with some help from our friends.  They’ve just released the wonderful Sleeping in the Rough Sea on Pug Records, which has a lo-fi pop feel at times, and other times it reminds me of the Wedding Present.  If I had a complaint, it’s that the vocals are possibly too low in the music, but they’re still decipherable, and elemental to the band’s sound.  If you’re looking for some nostalgic rock n’ roll, then you’ll want to check in on Ciro Madd, where you can grab their album for FREE.


Download: Ciro Madd – The Call [MP3]

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