Show Pics: Of Montreal @ The Mohawk (12/4)

Of Montreal is notorious for putting on lovely and bizarre shows. Mixing theatrical shenanigans, hippy jam band lighting, punk show crowd energy and props to keep you invested, there is rarely a dull moment as props, projectors and extras fill your eyes as the band puts forth another solid sounding set. French Horn Rebellion had opening duties.

It was one of the last outside shows at The Mohawk and the weather was freaking perfect. I had to go. FEATHER CANNONS!!!1!11shift+one

Couple more thoughts and plenty of pics after the break.

French Horn Rebellion was a great opener. In fact, I think they have opened for Of Montreal here before. Dancy, campy, good songs to back up the attitude. No one will complain about there set. …and they do use a French Horn.

Balloon snake. Feather Cannons. Ladies in white full body suits. Dude in winged white body suit. Shirtless bro in mask. Paisley projector pattern and pants. Rat/Bunny head thing. If you are bored at an Of Montreal show, you are the problem. You would think that the feather cannons would make a giant mess, but the breeze being what it was, the feathers just floated up and away. I am sure people parking near The Mohawk the next morning were a bit puzzled.

More pics at the photo site

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