Free Week Pics: Mohawk & Red7 (1/12)

Saturday. End of Free Week 2013…

The wife and I decided to hang out at the friendly confines for The Plastic Habits, Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Shivery Shakes, but took advantage of the SxSW atmosphere to pop over to Red7 to catch up with Tiger Waves.

The camera came along to…

First run through with The Plastic Habits, which isn’t surprising given the young age of the project. Jonas from White White Lights kicked this night with friends in tow. A little rough, but plenty of fun.

Letting Up is building momentum in the live show. Some tracks are getting edgier. Talked to the guys later in the night. Seems they are styling into the Austin thing well, despite leaving home.

Bolting to Red7 for Tiger Waves and a little bit of time with RayRay and Mairheard. Would it kill Red7 to use the lights they have? You could better see all the jumping around, the instrumentals, the layering goodness going on. Lights can be on and still have things moody.

Having just seen Shivery Shakes, I was ready for the jams. Wife approves of jams. Great crowd, packed room. We then listened to the rest of night while relaxing up in the Green Room with the bands and Mohawk team, another thing you get to take advantage of during Free Week, access to the Artist.

More pics at the photo site

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