Synth Driven Track from Luxury Liners

I’ve written about the songwriting prowess of Carter Tanton before, and he’s back again, this time under the moniker of Luxury Liners.  He set off to record his latest record as a selection of John Cale covers, but like all great things, it evolved into something all his own.  The track below is using Cale’s lyrics, but the song itself takes on a life of it’s own, moving through three distinctly different phases.  First you get a slowly evolving stark electronic sound, then it moves into a more danceable groove, finally ending in an explosion of experimentation.  The new record, They’re Flowers, will be released to the masses via Western Vinyl on April 2nd, and it looks to be an openly creative piece of work.


Download:Luxury Liners – Caribbean Sunset [MP3]

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