Show Pics: Purity Ring @ The Mohawk (1/23)

As the set time sheet at The Mohawk read, SOLD THE FUCK OUT. Three ticket agents were sitting out front asking for extra tickets. Guess the ticket agents are big Purity Ring fans.

Doors were at 7:30, but that was a last minute change from 6:30. That meant a giant line in for both doors and rail campers right away. I knew it would be a challenge to move through the masses, but I was ready to get smooth electro bounce BUZZ jams on in full effect. Young Magic started the night.

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Four of the tallest dudes of the early crowd took the middle of the stage. Can’t be mad at them, but hey, let the girls behind you up front. Is there a code against that kind of thing?

Anyway, Young Magic ducked and burrowed to climb on stage under the Purity lighting props and got under way with a soft opener. Once done there, it was full tilt synth drum banging dream pop gaze. Portions of the crowd broke into full sway as traded vocals and percussion ruled.

The Mohawk‘s stage peeps had some work to do to gingerly clear things out of the way. Purity Ring brought along plenty of lights used to set a moody affair, well controlled. The fans in attendance were for the most part really friendly and let me back up front to get the opening shots up front. Also, the BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ hits from Shrines were sung back to Megan James as Corin Roddick bounced sticks off prop lights that triggered drums. I discussed it with friends post show that if you are going to play a show of mostly pre-recorded material, looped and MIDI syncs, you better bring something to the stage. I would say they were successful. I would also say that much of the crowd was so enthusiastic they could have stood up there in Burkas.

So the weird part was the group of people that had to escorted out during the show. It was a dance party, why are you being dicks? Really. Props to The Mohawk staff for being all over it.

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