Show Pics: Another Holy Mountain Night (2/9)

Got another big batch of pics for you, this time from the show we helped out with over at Holy Mountain.

Pretty random lineup, Grape St. shimmied their way in first and put down another solid set of jams with some schtick and banter. Residual Kid played above their age group again; I think these kids should consider quitting their day jobs. Finally, The Calm Blue Sea gently took things by the scruff of the neck only to slap us around a little with their wall of sound.

I’ll talk briefly and share pics after the break.

We love the new Grape St. album. If you didn’t know it already, ATH Records is doing the vinyl and you can (should) preorder it. If you have seen them live, you know that they are big sound, loud and fun. Go see them, please.

Residual Kid are now ages 12 to 14. Veterans. Big sound, not quite a tight IMHO as their first band of the day slot during FFF7. But hey, I’ll give them a little latitude as they figure out how to be human beings.

The Calm Blue Sea is another band I think would sound good in a tin shanty. They can’t help it. They tend to overpower their surroundings and I could listen to a full set of them just playing “Literal”. But glad I don’t, cause the new tracks are rounding out nicely in the live setting. Sneak more vocals into the future songs, Chris, don’t be afraid.

More pics at the photo site

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