Punk Rock Weekend @ the Mohawk with Lucero and ALL

acl_luceroMan, I’m bummed I’m going to be out of town this weekend, as the Mohawk line-up is killing it.  First, Friday night features Lucero, who may not exactly be purveyors of punk due to their folk sound.  But, you can’t tell me vocalist Ben doesn’t have that raspy punk pull in his voice.  And, if you want to stick around, East Cameron Folkcore will tear it up inside…who also have a vocal likeness to my punk heritage.  And, if that wasn’t enough on Friday, Saturday night you can see the great ALL.  The group is more or less the Descendents, just with singers that aren’t named Milo. I have a feeling Scott Reynolds will be taking vocal duties this weekend. Seriously, the 1-2 weekend punch is ridiculous; I’d probably just camp out at the bar if they let me.  Please help me feel good about Austin and go to one, if not both of these shows!

Friday night: Lucero w/ J. Charles and the Trainrobbers and Cartright – Doors @ 8 PM – Tickets

Saturday night: ALL, MOD  and many more – Doors @ 4 PM – Tickets


Download: Lucero – Hey Darling Do You Gamble [MP3]

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